Stroke Treatment

When moments count

Stroke is the number one cause of disability and number five cause of death. That’s why it’s critical to call 9-1-1 at the first sign of stroke – whether it’s you or a loved one having symptoms. Damage can be minimized if help is received early, and every minute counts, so don’t wait.

Know the signs of a stroke

Think F.A.S.T.
     Facial drooping
     Arm that drifts or won’t lift
     Slurring or difficulty speaking
     Time to call 9-1-1. Also, note the Time the symptoms start so you can tell the paramedic
          Don't wait!

FAST 2015

CHI Franciscan makes the difference

In a stroke, every second counts to save vital brain tissue. That’s why CHI Franciscan Health offers stroke care at each of our hospitals’ emergency departments with highly skilled medical professionals specially trained to stop—or even reverse—the effects of stroke.

St. Joseph Medical Center - Tacoma

St. Joseph Medical Center was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers, a national, independent accrediting organization who gives recognition to hospitals who meet the strictest standards for stroke care.

Following stroke intervention treatment, St. Joseph Medical Center’s Neuro Intensive Care Unit (ICU) offers individualized care by staff that specialize in stroke recovery. This unique unit is located in St. Joseph’s well-known Critical Care Unit and is designed specifically for patients with stroke and other brain, spinal cord and nervous system disorders.

Stroke Seal

Highline Medical Center – Burien

Recognized for their exceptional efforts to provide better outcomes in stroke care, Highline Medical Center in Burien was also awarded the Gold Seal of approval by the Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers. The main goal is to meet the unique and specialized needs of those who have had a stroke. CHI Franciscan’s continues to bring the newest treatments available to stroke victims.

Harrison Medical Center

Silver PlusHarrison Medical Center has been given the American Stroke Association’s Silver Plus award for continually fulfilling advanced levels of Quality Measures. As part of the CHI Franciscan Health, Harrison Medical Center is committed to continuing quality care in stroke treatment.