Sleep Study Options

What happens during a sleep study?

Depending upon your symptoms, your insurance plan, and other factors, you may be offered a home sleep study prior to participating in an “in-center” sleep study. These studies are primarily used to identify sleep apnea and are easily performed at home. Depending upon your results, we will help you determine your next steps.

If you are having an in-center sleep study, you will spend 12 to 24 hours in a comfortably furnished, quiet room. You can even bring a favorite pillow. Sensors, wires, electrodes, and belts will be attached to you. None of this equipment causes pain - it simply collects information about your breathing, brain waves and body movements while you sleep and sends data to a technician, who is monitoring the study from another room.

What's my diagnosis?

Once the study is completed, a certified sleep specialist will analyze the data to find the cause of your sleeping problems. Along with your doctor, the Sleep Center staff will provide recommendations and treatment options to help you get better.