What to Expect from Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation

CARF logoIn our dedicated rehabilitation center at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington, individual rooms ensure privacy, and patients dine together so they can socialize with other patients, nurses, and therapy staff. Mealtimes involve important skill training for those who are regaining swallowing and/or neuromuscular functions. The dining room is also a gathering place for special events and for those involved in therapeutic recreational programs, as well as educational programs for patients and families.

While a patient is still hospitalized, our therapy team will assess whether their home needs modification, and will visit the home, if needed, to identify potential safety hazards. Our team will recommend necessary changes to the home environment before a patient is discharged. When a patient is ready, day or weekend therapeutic passes out of the hospital are available for a "trial run" at home or with family.

A transitional apartment unit is also available in the Rehabilitation Center, providing an opportunity for patients to build confidence when they are almost ready to return home. A patient may stay in the apartment overnight, along with their spouse, assured that if help is needed, the nursing staff is close by.

When a patient is ready for discharge, we provide detailed instructions and help them access available community resources. This may include further rehabilitation through referrals to skilled nursing facilities, home health care, or outpatient therapy. CHI Franciscan Health offers all these services, if appropriate, but we always consider what is most convenient for the patient and family.