Neurorehabilitation: What to Expect

After a stroke or neurosurgery, getting started on your recovery can be difficult. Our inpatient acute rehab program provides inpatient care and specialized services to help you recover.

We begin your rehab care right in your room once you are stable after surgery or stroke before you move to our center. Located in St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, our dedicated rehab center offers individual rooms for patient and family privacy.

Our patients dine together so they can socialize with other patients, nurses and therapy staff. Mealtimes are also important for people who are regaining their swallowing or neuromuscular functions to practice those skills.

The dining room is also a gathering place for:

  • Special events
  • Therapeutic recreational programs
  • Educational programs for patients and their families

After rehab: Transitioning home

While you’re in the hospital, our therapy team assesses your home to see if it needs any modifications for safety or functionality. We visit your home, if needed, to check for possible safety hazards.

Our team recommends any necessary changes before you are discharged so that your loved ones can make arrangements. When you’re ready, we help you make a “trial run” at home for the day or weekend.

If you’re not quite ready to return home, we may offer a transitional apartment in our Rehabilitation Center. You and your spouse or loved one can stay in the apartment overnight, helping you build confidence for the return home. Our nursing staff is close by and ready to help if needed.

When you’re ready for discharge, we provide detailed instructions for your self-care and help you find available health and community resources. These recommendations may include further rehabilitation through referrals to skilled nursing facilities, home health care or outpatient therapy.

Find out more about the services we offer for your continued recovery, including:

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