Diagnostic Tests for Heart Failure

At the Franciscan Heart Failure Clinic in Tacoma, Washington, we believe the key to effective treatment is accurate diagnosis. To achieve this, your doctor will evaluate your health, taking your personal and family health history into account.

If your mother, father or a close family member such as a brother or sister has a cardiovascular condition, your risk of developing a similar condition is increased

Your physical examination may include one or more imaging studies or other heart failure diagnostic tests to confirm the presence and extent of your heart failure.

  • blood tests, to check your cholesterol levels and the function of your liver, kidneys and thyroid glands, as well as other factors
  • a cardiac echocardiogram, to evaluate the pumping and squeezing ability of your heart
  • a chest-ray, to examine the size and shape of the heart muscle
  • an exercise stress test, to assess blood flow through the heart during exercise or stress

These are just a few of the tests used to diagnose the presence and extent of heart failure. See Heart failure – tests for more information.

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