Cardiac Rehabilitation

St. Joseph Medical Center
South Pavilion (near the Emergency Department)
1717 S. J St.
Tacoma, WA 98405

Cardiac rehabilitation is just what it sounds like: a structured program of medically supervised exercise, instruction and support designed to make your heart healthier. Cardiac rehab is for people who are recovering from heart surgery have had a heart attack, or have heart failure or coronary artery disease (CAD). It may also benefit people who are at high risk, or those who have had a cardiac procedure such as angioplasty with stent placement.

Franciscan's cardiac rehabilitation program located in Tacoma helps patients learn how to live more healthfully and actively, which in turn helps lower their risk of future heart attacks.

Our cardiologists, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, nutrition counselors, have skills and talents that combine into a cardiac rehab specialist team that helps countless patients live healthier, more active lives.

Among the many benefits of participating in Franciscan’s cardiac rehabilitation program are:

  • a greater understanding or your condition and how to manage it
  • more energy, strength and stamina
  • reduced risk factors for future heart problems
  • a greater sense of wellness and well-being; learning to trust your body again

Your program may include work with a dietician to learn how to eat more healthfully, lessons in how to become more physically active, counseling to reduce stress and relieve depression (a common side effect of having a heart attack) and lifestyle modifications such as stopping smoking and/or reducing or eliminating alcohol from your diet.

Whether you begin your program as an outpatient or while recovering from a cardiac event in the hospital, your heart’s health is carefully evaluated and monitored regularly while your heart and you become stronger and healthier.

To learn more about the cardiac rehabilitation programs at the Franciscan Heart Center, give us a call at call 253-426-6768. Read more about recovering from heart surgery.