Most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover diabetes education with a doctor’s referral. Check with your health insurer for specific coverage information.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is a large component of managing diabetes. The amount of food on your plate is just as important as the actual food on your plate.
Healthy Eating with Diabetes
Smart Snacks and Small Meals for Blood Sugar Control

Being active

Regular physical activity is a vital part of your diabetes management plan.
The Benefits of Physical Activity
Walking: 10,000 Steps


There is more to monitoring than checking blood glucose. Learn why monitoring is so important.
How to Check Your Blood Glucose (Sugar)


Diabetes medications help keep blood glucose levels in a target range.
Introduction to Diabetes Medication

Problem solving

When you have an illness, your body becomes under stress and certain hormones are released to help your body handle stress. These hormones can cause blood glucose levels to rise.
The Importance of Sick Day Management

Healthy coping

It is natural to feel certain emotions about having diabetes, especially just after being diagnosed with diabetes.
Coping with Your Diagnosis

Reducing risk

Complications can develop over the years as a result of high blood glucose levels. Learn about the effects diabetes has on other parts of your body.
Introduction to the Long-term Complications of Diabetes