Support Groups and Classes

Find the emotion support you need on your cancer journey. CHI Franciscan Cancer Care offers support groups and classes that provide support and information every step of the way.

Reasons to join

Support groups provide a safe environment for people to share their feelings and learn from others who are facing similar challenges. Our patients tell us that our support groups have helped them:

  • Manage the strong emotions that often arise when you receive a cancer diagnosis, such as anger, loneliness, isolation, fear and a sense of loss
  • Develop a sense of belonging by connecting with others who are living with cancer
  • Exchange practical information and advice, which can create a sense of control and hope
  • Talk about experiences that may seem too difficult to share with loved ones

Find a support group.

Cancer classes

We sponsor support classes throughout the area at our cancer treatment facilities. Find a class.

Health talks and events

Our hospitals, surgeons, physicians and other expert providers regularly team up to offer educational and informative sessions, called Health Talks. In addition, we often support community events such as annual expos, runs, walks and education and research opportunities. Find an event.