Risk Reduction

Cancer risk reduction recommendations

  1. Avoid tobacco in any form.

    For assistance to stop using tobacco call: Franciscan’s Freedom from Tobacco support groups at 253-426-6746 or 253-223-7538.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if you are overweight.

    Schedule a class or program or attend a scheduled event through the Franciscan Community Cancer Program by calling 253-426-6746 or making contact with one of the Franciscan Community Cancer Program managers: jamiedobosz@fhshealth.org or triciasinek@fhshealth.org  
  3. Get moving!

    Exercise reduces your risk of developing cancer and other chronic or acute disease. Find some type of physical activity you like, and stay with it.
  4. Eat a plant-based diet

    Most of the food you eat should not have a Mother. Focus on eating more plants. Plant foods include: fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

    Limit your intake of high-fat animal foods like red meats, high-fat milk and cheeses and smoked, cured and pickled foods.
  5. Follow the Cancer Screening Guidelines for your age and gender

    Talk with your doctor about the cancer screening tests for your gender and age. Screening guidelines have been undergoing some changes and this can be confusing. We generally recommend:
    • Breast screening for all women 40 and over
    • Colon screening for all men and women over 50
    • Prostate cancer screening for high-risk men, particularly African American men (after thorough discussion of risk and benefits with your medical provider)
    • Skin cancer surveillance for anyone with risk factors.
    • PAP testing per medical provider recommendation.
    • Oral cancer screening during routine dental exams.
    • Other screening based-upon high-risk family or personal history.