How Can You Prevent Cancer?

Here are some cancer prevention tips to help you reduce your risk of cancer. It comes down to healthy living and following cancer screening guidelines. Here are some recommendations.

Avoid tobacco in any form. For assistance quitting, CHI Franciscan Health’s Freedom from Tobacco program can help. Contact us at 253-223-7538.

Maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if you are overweight. Schedule a class or program, or attend a scheduled event through the Franciscan Community Cancer Program by calling 253-426-6746.

Get moving! Exercise reduces your risk of developing cancer and other chronic or acute diseases. Find some type of physical activity you like, and stay with it.

Eat a plant-based diet. Most of the food you eat should not have a mother. Focus on eating more plants, including fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Limit your intake of high-fat animal foods like red meats, milk and cheese, and smoked, cured and pickled foods. Learn about putting cancer prevention on your plate.

Get yourself or your child vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control recommends the HPV vaccine for girls ages 13 through 26 years and for boys ages 13 through 21 years, who have not yet been vaccinated.

Follow the Cancer Screening Guidelines for your age and gender. Talk with your doctor about the cancer screening tests that are important for you. Learn more about our recommendations for screenings.

Consider genetic counseling. Talk with your doctor about the possibility that your personal and/or family history may be related to an inherited cancer syndrome. Learn more about the potential signs of hereditary cancer through our Clinical Cancer Genetics Program.