Life After Cancer

To find out your cancer has gone into remission is a significant victory. But the reality is that the effects of cancer don’t end just because the disease itself has gone into remission. Your life will be forever changed.

For many of our patients, life after cancer treatment can be challenging but it can also be extremely fulfilling. Franciscan partners with a number of local community agencies to offer the resources to make life after cancer treatment as normal as possible.

Learn more about planning your life after cancer, including care plans and treatment summaries, and lifestyle considerations.

Cancer survivorship programs

In the U.S. alone, there are 13 million cancer survivors. To meet the needs of this growing group, ongoing cancer survivorship programs are available to support life after cancer treatment. Franciscan Cancer Center has developed cancer survivorship programs and services to support all survivors. These programs and services are available to help survivors cope with the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that surface after active treatment is complete, including changes in a patient’s overall health and the need for more careful monitoring by a doctor.

Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference

Since 2009 Franciscan Cancer Center has led and sponsored the annual Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference. At the event many community providers and non-profit organizations come together to provide a comprehensive program to meet the needs of cancer survivors. This event offers presentations on side effects, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, art therapy, disability, hormone-dependent cancers, sexuality, stress-reduction techniques and other topics chosen by survivors.

View a complete list of past conference events along with individual speaker presentations at You can also find links to other community and national resources for survivors including webinars, presentations, and information on cancer supportive care providers and additional needs of survivors.