Screening Programs

Community screening programs

The Franciscan Community Cancer Program coordinates and hosts cancer screenings for specific communities throughout Washington’s Puget Sound region who may be identified as at-risk for certain cancers. This includes those with significant cancer disparities and/or those who may lack access to medical care.

Breast cancer screenings (mammograms)

Community-based breast cancer screening is performed throughout the year as part of the Franciscan Community Breast Cancer Navigation Program. This screening effort is focused on low-income, medically underserved women who lack access to care or are underinsured or uninsured. Community-based lay navigators in the Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, Pacific Islander, Korean, African American, sexual minority and Spanish-speaking communities perform outreach and education that is language and culturally appropriate.

Lay navigators enroll women in the Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program (BCCHP), which also screens for cervical cancer, or into the Franciscan low-income mammogram fund in order to access mammogram services. Any woman with a positive finding is navigated through diagnostics, diagnosis and treatment as needed. These screenings are performed throughout the year and throughout our service area and are targeted to the populations most at-risk and with the most barriers to care. We partner with the Korean Women’s Association for this program with the generous support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation (Puget Sound Affiliate).

Prostate cancer screenings

Community-based prostate cancer screening is performed once or twice annually and focused on populations at highest risk – primarily African American men. Our main partners for this community-based screening service come through African American churches and faith communities. These screenings include a digital rectal exam by a urologist and a PSA blood sample, as well as additional blood related diagnostics. We have partnered with the Prostate Cancer Education Council for this work for more than 15 years.

Skin cancer screenings

Skin cancer screenings are performed one to two times each year. The focus of community-based skin cancer screening is to reach those at risk who lack access to medical care or specialty care (dermatologists). Screenings are performed by dermatologists or trained nurse practitioners with collaboration and tracking through the American Academy of Dermatology.

Regular medical cancer screenings

Thousands of cancer screenings are performed throughout CHI Franciscan Health each year through our clinic network, GI labs, hospitals and other facilities. Many of these screenings are performed under the Franciscan charity care program to cover those without insurance or lacking a medical home.

Screening follow-up

The Franciscan Community Cancer Program staff has the responsibility of assuring that any positive findings identified during a community-based screening are addressed with timely, appropriate follow-up care, including arranging care for those who lack primary care providers and/or medical insurance.

Contact us about a specific community screening

For breast cancer screenings and for general questions about accessing cancer screenings and care, contact: Tricia Sinek, 253-426-6746 or

For prostate and skin cancer screenings, contact: Jamie Dobosz 253-426-6746 or 253-530-2936 or