Employee Benefits - Franciscan Anytime

Find frequently asked questions about the Franciscan Anytime employee benefit below.

What is Franciscan Anytime?

Franciscan Anytime is an innovative at-home medical care service. CHI Franciscan Health is providing this service as a subsidized benefit to benefit-eligible employees and eligible dependents[1] and to Catholic Health Initiatives benefit-eligible employees working at a Franciscan facility and their eligible dependents. No sign-up is needed.
1 Definition of benefit-eligible employees: CHI Franciscan employees .4 FTE and greater; FMG employees .5 FTE and greater. Eligible dependents: includes children up to age 26, and adult dependents (including spouse or any adult dependent of the opposite or same sex that is financially supported by you and lives with you and is enrolled in the CHI Medical Plan). Individuals covered by federal insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or Tricare are not eligible for this type of service at this time.

How does it work?

With Franciscan Anytime, you can access medical advice and treatment for after-hours illness and injuries from a board-certified family medicine physician or advanced registered nurse practitioner. The service, available 24/7, helps employees better manage their own health care and health expenses by treating urgent and routine health concerns over the phone, through a web camera (webcam), or with a home visit.
Employees simply call Franciscan Anytime at 1-877-441-1489 to access the service.*

* CHI Franciscan Health and local CHI employees and eligible dependents must call 1-877-441-1489 to access complimentary care. A patient service representative will qualify your eligibility and connect you with a doctor or nurse practitioner via phone or webcam. Using the Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care online portal will incur a $35 fee at this time.

What’s the difference between Franciscan Anytime and Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care?

Your friends and neighbors in the south sound who don’t work for Franciscan have access to 24/7 virtual care through Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care. For just $35, they can get the same great care we provide as a benefit to employees and their families with Franciscan Anytime.

How do I know when to call Franciscan Anytime?

Call Franciscan Anytime for such health concerns as:

  • back pain and muscle strains
  • minor cuts and scrapes
  • sore throat or ear pain
  • fever
  • skin infections
  • persistent or worsening cough
  • minor burns

The service is not meant to replace your primary care provider, nor is it meant to replace real emergency care when needed. If in doubt of whether or not your situation is an emergency, consider calling Franciscan Anytime first and get immediate attention or care.

Use the emergency room or call 911 for situations that are life threatening or serious.

I’m on my spouse’s health insurance through his/her employer. Am I still eligible to use Franciscan Anytime?

Yes, as long as you are a benefit-eligible employee and not covered by federal insurance plans, such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or Tricare.

Is this benefit available to CHI employees?

Yes, Franciscan Anytime is available to benefit-eligible Catholic Health Initiatives employees working at a FHS facility and their eligible dependents.

Why should I use it?

Convenience. Receive medical care in the comfort of your home on the phone and via webcam.

Savings. Avoid out-of-pocket co-pays for emergency department services for care that can be provided via Franciscan Anytime.

Confidentiality. Franciscan Anytime is completely confidential. We have contracted with Carena, the leading provider of such services whose clients include Microsoft and Costco. Franciscan will not receive any personal details regarding your care.

Will Franciscan Anytime coordinate my use of their service with my primary care provider?

Yes. After a phone call, webcam visit or house call, your physician will be notified and given a follow-up report of the nature of the visit and the treatment received.

Why is Franciscan providing this benefit?

Health care costs are an issue for even health care workers. Franciscan Anytime helps you manage your overall health and wellness by getting the care you need when you need it without the expense of an after-hours urgent or emergency care visit.

Additionally, the new benefit supports CHI Franciscan Health’s efforts to:

  • become the “Best Place to Work” and to create an excellent Franciscan Experience for all staff
  • be a good fiscal steward, both employees and Franciscan save money when unnecessary trips to the emergency room are avoided

How will I save money by using Franciscan Anytime instead of going to the emergency room?

CHI Medical Plan members, nearly 85 percent of all Franciscan employees and their dependents, save money with Franciscan Anytime. Your initial call is free, the cost covered by Franciscan as an employee benefit. Out-of-pocket costs for the webcam and house call visits are less than an office visit.

Consider the following:

Franciscan Anytime costs much less than a typical emergency room visit where co-pays range from $100- 150 for an emergency. Emergency room visits considered non-emergent could costs hundreds of dollars.

For Catholic Health Initiatives Medical Plan members, estimated coinsurance costs are: 


Core Plan

Basic Plan


Member co-insurance amounts



Subject to deductible

Franciscan Anytime phone care services

Fully covered

Fully covered

Fully covered

Webcam services

Fully covered

Fully covered

Fully covered

House call services

Estimated member
co-insurance costs 

$20 - $84

$24 - $101

Subject to deductible

If you have health insurance coverage from another source, or have opted out of coverage, the cost of your call to Franciscan Anytime also is fully covered. Plan rates and out-of-pocket expenses for webcam and home visits will vary. Check with your insurance plan for more information.

Are Franciscan Anytime physicians and nurse practitioners part of Franciscan Medical Group?

No. CHI Franciscan Health has partnered with Carena, Inc. in Seattle to provide this service. Franciscan Anytime providers are board-certified family medicine physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners who specialize in delivering care outside traditional clinic settings. Carena is the leading provider of such services whose clients include Microsoft and Costco.

What if I don’t have a webcam?

You don’t need a webcam to receive care through Franciscan Anytime. However, for some conditions, it is easier to show a provider to receive appropriate treatment and referral if necessary.

Any webcam will work with the service as you access the providers via a HIPAA-approved web link.

How are prescriptions handled?

Franciscan Anytime providers will write prescriptions* as necessary to treat your condition, regardless of whether your care was delivered by phone, webcam, or house call. The providers cannot order prescription refills and will not provide prescriptions without an assessment to diagnose the concern and determine a course of treatment.
*Providers who make in-home visits do not carry narcotic medications.

What if follow-up care is needed?

In many instances, follow-up care is needed. If you do not have a primary care physician, the Franciscan Anytime provider will help you choose a physician for follow-up.

If needed, a patient care coordinator will call you within two business days to help you schedule your follow-up appointment. A summary report of your visit will be provided to your new or existing physician.

If needed, can the Franciscan Anytime provider treat multiple family members in one house call?

Yes, as long as the family member is an eligible dependent and his or her symptoms are urgent in nature.

Can my child be treated if I am not present?

If the patient is under age 18, his or her legal guardian must be present at the time of the house call, webcam or phone visit.