Franciscan Anytime

To access Franciscan Anytime, call 1-877-441-1489.*  

After hours medical care without ever leaving home

Illness and injury can occur anytime. CHI Franciscan Health is committed to high quality, accessible care, and is pleased to offer Franciscan Anytime, an after-hours medical service, as a subsidized benefit to our benefit-eligible employees and their dependents.

This service provides CHI Franciscan and local CHI employees with access to board-certified family medicine physicians or advanced registered nurse practitioners to treat after-hours health concerns over the phone, via a web camera (webcam), or in-person with a house call. Franciscan Anytime is being delivered in collaboration with Carena, Inc., and Carena Medical Providers.

Employees can call Franciscan Anytime for such health concerns as:

  • Back pain and muscle strains
  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Sore throat or ear pain
  • Fever
  • Skin infections
  • Persistent or worsening cough
  • Minor burns

To access Franciscan Anytime, call 1-877-441-1489. Learn more

What’s the difference between Franciscan Anytime and Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care?

Your friends and neighbors in the south sound who don’t work for CHI Franciscan now have access to 24/7 virtual care through Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care. For just $35, they can get the same great care we provide as a benefit to employees and their families with Franciscan Anytime. More information.*

* CHI Franciscan Health and local CHI employees and eligible dependents must call 1-877-441-1489 to access complimentary care. A patient service representative will qualify your eligibility and connect you with a doctor or nurse practitioner via phone or webcam. Using the Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care online portal will incur a $35 fee at this time.