Instructions for Retrieving an Encrypted Email
from CHI Franciscan Health

Call 1-866-236-0441 for assistance with problems accessing encrypted emails 24 hours a day

In the course of your working relationship with CHI Franciscan Health (FHS), you may receive a sensitive email from us which is protected with encryption. FHS encrypts email messages that contain Protected Health Information (PHI).

Reading encrypted email messages is easy, and can be done from the same computer from which you read your email. Below are the instructions for retrieving an encrypted email once you receive notice of the message in your regular email inbox.

The very first time you receive an encrypted message from us, you will follow 2 simple steps to register and read the message:

  1. enter your first and last name, establish and confirm a password associated with your email address (see screen shots below).
  2. read the email.

Each time thereafter, you will simply enter your same password to read the message (see screen shots below).

In the example below, the sender is Gregg Braunton, a FHS employee with the email address of The receiver of the sensitive email is a doctor in the community with an email address of

The encrypted email will look like any other email in your inbox.

This example uses a Yahoo mail account.