WelcomeLEARN 2015 500

Learning Effectiveness and Resource Network (LEARN) is CHI’s system wide Learning Management System.

LEARN allows you to register for classes, take online training, track your education history, and much more.

Please refer to Education and Training Policy #170 for information regarding Mandatory Online Training for Non-Exempt Employees outside of regular work hours.

To print a quick tip guide, click here.

When searching for a FHS specific course in LEARN include the word FHS in the course search field. Those courses that have FHS in the title or course description will be displayed in the search results.

NOTE: Only FHS CPR classes that include a live demonstration of the skill meet the CPR requirement. Non-FHS CPR classes in the LEARN catalog do not.

To enroll in ACLS, LEAD Management Development, Spirit of Leadership or Preceptor Training classes, please contact Education Services directly.

When you are ready to log into LEARN, click the GO button. Log into Inside CHI (do not use your LEARN User ID and Password). Then click the LEARN link under the My Tools section located on the left-hand side of the main page. If the LEARN login screen appears, type your LEARN User ID and Password. Then click the Login button.