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PGIPC Nurse 300 Admit and Discharge


This course will cover beginning phase II charting, INP overview of the MAR, Administering medication, patient education, LDA removal and discharge instructions.  This course will aslo cover how to import validate monitor documentation, documenting basic intake and output, managing IVS in a critical care setting and documenting override pulls.

Registration Required.

Event Date: August 07, 2013
Event Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: FESC
Category: Epic
Contact Person: Robert Drown
Contact & Registration: epictraining@fhshealth.org
Phone: (253) 792-4800
Intended Audience: PACU, GI Pre-Post Op, IR and Cath Lab Nurses
Prerequisite: PGPIC Nurse 100 & 200