Professional Growth

Tim Lupton

"In my search for my first nursing job, St. Joseph Medical Center CCU opened the door for me & welcomed me with open arms. They were excellent in their explanation of the job & gave me feeling that they wanted me to succeed. Plus, the explanation of Franciscan core values were the roots from which I wanted my nursing career to grow."

Tim Lupton, RN,
St. Joseph Medical Center, Critical Care

CHI Franciscan Health fields a team of skilled regional and unit based educators to support your nursing practice and your continued professional development throughout your career with us.

Benefit your career with us

At the CHI Franciscan Health, we manage our internal talent by providing support to our employees. The CHI Franciscan Health provides a number of benefits designed to help employees grow their career with us. These programs include…

Employee Tuition Reimbursement
Franciscan Foundation Employee Scholarships
Employee Benefits and Compensation

Managing our internal talent

Educational support for nurses at Franciscan starts right at the time of orientation. Following a day and a half of New Hire Orientation, we offer Nursing Orientation, a multi-day experience that introduces you to how Franciscan nurses deliver safe, excellent care. With emphasis on evidence based practice, participants review and demonstrate skills ranging from infection control to fall reduction, and point of care testing to de-escalation techniques. Nursing orientation includes instructor led classes, small group interactions, individual demonstrations and web based learning.

Unit specific orientation integrates nurses into their new clinical areas. This process, which is usually led by a Unit Based Educator, familiarizes new nurses with the unit’s people and physical layout, its equipment and protocols and its special patient populations.

A nurse’s orientation is enhanced by our use of the Performance Based Development System (PBDS), a three hour assessment that provides nurses with very specific feedback on their critical thinking and communications skills.

Franciscan’s support of nursing excellence doesn’t stop after orientation. Franciscan Education Services offers over 1,000 classes a year, ranging from preceptor workshops to IV and central line therapy. Some programs, like our 12 Lead EKG Day, are taught by nationally recognized clinical experts and supported by generous grants from the St. Joseph School of Nursing Alumnae Association.

If, because of your job description and the unit where you work, you are required to have certain clinical certifications such as ACLS, PALS or NRP, we see that you get them and that you renew them, paid for by Franciscan.

There are lots of reasons to work at Franciscan, and the opportunity for education and professional development is one of the best reasons of all.