Nursing Residencies

Faith Young

"As a new RN, I chose to work at Franciscan because I felt it offered the best residency program. FHS provides a culture which values its patients/customers - I can practice nursing excellence here and continue to grow in my profession."

Faith Young, RN
St. Francis Hospital, Med-Surg.

Maria Pastores

"I found the Residency Program to be an amazing review including one-on-one work and hands-on experience with a preceptor. I felt ready to step out on my own and continue to feel the support of that team environment at St. Clare Hospital."

Maria Pastores, RN,
St. Clare Hospital, PCU

Grow your career with us…CHI Franciscan Health residencies
We understand that nursing is a career in which learning never ends. That’s why we offer confirmed positions, so you will actually work in the job for which you were hired. We also provide comprehensive RN Residency programs to help you continue your career growth once you join us.

Nursing residencies

Franciscan Health System instructors and preceptors will provide you with the training you need to become an expert in specialized care. All residencies include structured didactic and clinical preceptor programs.


Core competencies include treatment for Medical/Surgical patients, assessment and clinical decision-making skills, patient education, and ethical and legal issues. Learning occurs via lecture, small and large group activities with some self paced learning. Optional EKG rhythm training available. Select a class option available with pre-arrangement.

  • three months
  • February and September
  • mini core residency mid July

Critical Care

This is a two-tiered residency program; Tier 1 covers Progressive Care and Tier 2 is for those continuing to Intensive Care or for those already experienced in Progressive Care. Core competencies include cardiac, pulmonary, neurologic, renal, shock, and trauma in Critical Care. The program includes Essentials for Critical Care Orientation, an online program sponsored by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses

  • eight to 11 weeks plus individualized orientation in home units
  • February and August


Non-ED specific classes shared among residencies (50 hrs), and 1:1 preceptorship on the unit. Topics include assessment, triage, medical-surgical emergencies, management of the ABCs, sepsis, trauma, precipitous delivery, care of special populations, and disaster. This residency program is designed so you can begin at any time during the year and link into the classes as they are offered.

  • three months
  • four rotations per year – February, April, August, October

Birth Center

This is a continuous Residency program covering care in the Mother/Baby unit. A UBE (Unit-based Educator) tracks the individual path for each nurse. Some nurses may be able to move from this residency program to labor and delivery.

  • up to three months
  • continuous program

Special Care Nursery

The residency program for the Special Care Nursery occurs year round, depending on the needs of the unit. Educational opportunities include formal classroom learning and on the job training with a preceptor spanning from eight to 12 weeks. During this residency, the nurse will obtain certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and S.T.A.B.L.E., while developing the knowledge and skills to care for compromised and/or pre-term infants in a Level II Nursery setting.


Nurses taking the Oncology Residency program must first complete the Medical/Surgical Residency. Core competencies include the nature and treatment of Oncological diseases and psych-social issues.

  • up to six months
  • February and August

Operating room

This course utilizes a blended learning structure to prepare the RN for entry into the perioperative services department as a member of a multidisciplinary team. Core competencies include aseptic technique, scrubbing, gowning and gloving, managing the surgical environment, instrumentation, sterilization, positioning and prepping, draping, sutures, principles of hemostasis, surgical procedures and emergencies in the operating room.

  • six months
  • March and September


This course prepares nurses for entry into the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) as a member of the perioperative team. Classes are partnered with additional PACU focused studies and clinical practice, including pre and post-operative nursing roles.

  • three months didactic/clinical with an additional three month clinical practice
  • February and August


RNs in the Rehabilitation program must first complete the Medical/Surgical Residency. Core competencies include complex multiple system issues, neurological and orthopedic problems, interdisciplinary approaches to rehab services and general trauma and critical health issues.

  • six months
  • February and August

Renal Dialysis

Core competencies include types of renal dialysis treatment; kidney failure and multiple system issues; fluid and electrolyte issues; emergencies in kidney failure; legal, ethical and psych-social issues. Classes include theory, skill labs, and clinical practice. Medical/Surgical experience is required for Outpatient care and Critical Care experience is required for Inpatient care.

  • three months
  • January, June and September


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