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February 6, 2014

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Patients on PPI's who continue to experience symptoms such as cough, heartburn, regurgitation and chest pain often are difficult to diagnose using traditional acid (pH) monitoring approaches. In fact, a recent study1 states that physicians using only acid (pH) monitoring for diagnostics, lack the capability of accurately diagnosing GERD in 35% of their patients.

The ZepHr® Impedance/pH Reflux Monitoring System employs impedance to detect ALL reflux activity and uses pH to categorize each episode as acid or nonacid for Total Reflux Monitoring. Comprehensive analysis quantifies all reflux patterns and symptom associations in patients studied on or off acid suppression medication.

Having introduced impedance/pH monitoring to the G.I. market, Sandhill continues to evolve this unprecedented technology...delivering all the information you need for a precise, comprehensive assessment of acid and nonacid reflux as well as the correlation between reflux and symptoms.

Indications for combined impedance/pH testing:

  • persistent symptoms while on acid suppressive therapy
  • primarily postprandial symptoms
  • reflux symptoms
  • frequent meal ingestion (i.e., infant)

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1. Agrawal and Castell; Reflux ReductionTherapy: When PPI's Are Not Enough, Practical Gastroenterology, 68-72, April 2006.
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3. Patients with typical symptoms* (heartburn, regurgitation, chest pain) while on PPI Therapy.
*patent pending

US Patent #7,493,158 Treatment Conclusions Patients with nonacid reflux identified by impedance/pH whose symptoms have not responded to PPI therapy may benefit from the use of other medications.
1. Clinical trials have established that nonacid reflux can be associated with GERD symptoms. In addition, ZepHr provides a true negative study by identifying patients with no reflux association.
2. Positive symptom index for nonacid or acid reflux using impedance/pH predicts successful response to Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication.
3. High Resolution Impedance Manometry... Featuring the all new Platform HRIM is a leading edge, comprehensive test of both esophageal pressure and bolus transit dynamics.

The high resolution array of circumferential pressure sensors and impedance channels dispersed across the entire anatomic region provides concurrent manometric and bolus transit dynamics from a single probe position with minimal time and effort BioVIEW Analysis software provides a comprehensive set of tools that spans conventional analysis and High Resolution Esophageal Pressure Topography (HREPT) and dovetails with the Chicago Classifications.

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