Cruising to a Healthy Weight

By the time Mike Strom turned 30, he weighed more than 200 pounds. When he topped out at 292 at the age of 46, he knew he needed help. Help came in the form of gastric bypass surgery at Franciscan Center for Weight Management.

At first, surgery worried Mike’s wife. But with a painful skin condition called psoriasis, as well as a type of arthritis that accompanies it - “never mind feeling like my head would explode when I reached down to tie my shoes!” - Mike was ready to feel better. Plus he had elevated liver enzymes and was on his way to a diabetes diagnosis.

Today at age 50, Mike has maintained a healthy weight of 184 for two-and-a-half years - a weight loss of nearly 110 pounds. His psoriasis is all but gone, and he’s cut his arthritis medication in half. He has more energy to run his computer business and go on hikes with his wife. His liver enzymes are normal, too.

Maybe most surprising to Mike was the way his appetite decreased. “We went on a cruise three months after surgery, and I just didn’t want to eat,” he said. “I can get out and enjoy life a lot more - and it’s great.”

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Mike Strom 13
Mike Strom