Back On Track With Franciscan Heart Care

RoseMary Delaney is an avid walker. But one day while volunteering at a local school, she couldn't catch her breath when walking up a slight incline. Later that day, following a trip to the emergency department, she was admitted to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma.

An echocardiogram revealed that she needed to have her aortic valve replaced. As a child, her aortic valve had been damaged by rheumatic fever. "My biggest fear was having my chest popped open, because of the long, painful recovery," says RoseMary.

She was relieved when she learned that she could have minimally invasive surgery.

RoseMary partly attributes her quick recovery to the small surgical opening. "After the surgery, I didn't have a lot of pain or discomfort," she recalls. In fact, she was ready to go home in just three days. She is now back to her walking schedule and volunteering at her local school.

"It's great to be back to the life where you can do the things you enjoy," RoseMary explains.

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RoseMary Delaney
RoseMary Delaney